Does damaged hair take longer to dry?

Does damaged hair take longer to dry?

The hair makes one’s personality good that too when women wash their hair would end up with stylish look. But the most of the people may experienced that their hair takes more time to get dry after the shower this creates a common doubt does damaged hair take longer to dry?

To clarify doubt the answer would be yes.

It is true that when you have a damaged hair it would longer time to get dry than natural one many can what if case they have dry? Even in dry hair if it is damaged the scalps would take longer time to get dry and further the hair strands would take more time.

The main reason for hair damage is often when it is exposed to heat styling tools such as hair blow dryers, hair straightener and hair coloring such as hair dying and texture coloring etc. may leads to hair damage which makes damaged hair dry longer.

All these actions results in low porosity which makes the hair damages and takes long time to get dry.

What is low porosity and how to get rid of that?

Porosity of the hair is main factor gets affected when hair gets damaged where porosity is nothing but water absorbing capability of hair. When the porosity is low then it is hard for hair to absorb nutrients and water and release them too.

Since the hair cuticle has not risen the low porosity hair would not easily get wet or dry even if you take strand test low porosity hair would not sink even after long time passed. This also makes hair resistant to many process such as hair coloring, styling, straightening and even more it would take long time to set.

dry hair if it is damaged

All these makes the people to think is there no way to make this low porosity reverse? Instant way is not possible but you can control them by following tips given below.

  • Low porosity arises mainly when hair exposed to direct heat so try to use indirect heat such as steam and hooded dryers. By doing this it helps to open cuticles and allow moisture to enter the hair.
  • Instead of washing hair with cold water try washing with warm water this helps to remove hair strands build up.
  • Try to have habit of applying oil or any products to the hair once it completely dried.

While doing these things you need to ensure that you are not using any petroleum products such as silicones and waxes since that may block moistures to get in.