Want to know what happens if you leave conditioner in hair overnight?

Want to know what happens if you leave conditioner in hair overnight?

Conditioning of hair can make it healthy and feel soft and smooth. But the way of using it should be in a proper method. There are many benefits because of using this conditioner like the hair would look shiny, bouncy, strong, elastic and growing. But this is possible only when you follow the right practice and don’t use the methods like using heat or hair dye to hair that would spoil the growth.

There are also other things that would damage the hair and leaving conditioner in overnight is one such way.

Deep conditioning should be done once in a week and it should be a regular practice for all.

If you putting conditioner on dry hair overnight, then it is a common mistake that most of us do. But it is not a correct method to follow.

leave conditioner in hair overnight

Why people use conditioner at night?

Few would have the habit of sleeping with conditioner in hair overnight. The hair would be wet with a conditioner. There are few benefits of using conditioner as listed below.

  • There is no need to moisturize and seal frequently.
  • Hair would feel soft, light and elastic.
  • Hair feels light
  • Easy to detangle

conditioner on dry hair over-night

Not recommended to use conditioner over night

People believe that putting conditioner on dry hair over-night would yield many benefits. It is said that if the conditioner is left over for a long time and it should not disturb the daily routine, it will work best.

But for any product to interfere in the hair, it should penetrate properly and reach the right place. There should be right molecular structure for this else it would stay on the surface. The human hair is vulnerable to excess moisture.

Letting the hair for deep conditioning over-night would bring the following risks to the hair.

  • Breakage of hair
  • Damages the protein bonds in hair
  • Losing elasticity
  • High porosity
  • Curl pattern is lost

Disadvantages of using over-night deep conditioning

  • Damage of cuticle layers

The cuticle layer gets broken because of leaving conditioner over-night. The hair expands and raises the cuticle layers.

  • Damages protein bond

When the conditioner for so long in your hair, it would cause damage to the protein bonds and weakens hair due to too much moisture.

  • Makes hair porous

When the cuticle layers are damaged it would make the hair more porous.

  • Breakage of hair

Since the hair becomes too soft on using the conditioner it becomes easier to break.

So it is always best to avoid sleeping with conditioner overnight to avoid damage to the hair and use it in a right way.